Open Source Broadcasting
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Everything you need to get your terrestrial / on-line radio station up and broadcasting like a pro - without breaking the bank!

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Freedom through Open Source!

LibreTime is Free/Libre and Open Source (FLOSS) radio automation and broadcasting solution helping communities both modernize their broadcasting stack, and get up and on-the-air with ease.

The platform consists of several open-source components that can be easily and rapidly deployed on both dedicated hardware, virtual machines, and Cloud native infrastructure - allowing your station to truly underwrite it's own destiny.

The platform is a fork of the older AirTime project which is no longer actively maintained, and the evolution of Open Source broadcasting for both current AirTime and new users looking to continue with the platform on their own infrastructure.

Key Features

Key features include

Library Intelligence

From designing intelligent & automated playlists to drag-and-drop visual editing & cuing, managing your library and playlists has never been simpler.


Schedule your live and pre-programmed shows easily with a drag-and-drop style calendar, additionally all content broadcasted is logged for efficient reporting to media licensing authorities.

DJ Management

Libretime's user management allows for the simple creation of hierarchical staff who can control their broadcast slots associated with them from anywhere on the planet!

Podcasting & More!

Syndicate your library with the latest content from the best artists on the web, it's as simple as providing an RSS feed and programming a schedule.

Get Started

Follow the docs, and you'll be off the ground in no time!

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Join the Libretime community

Libretime has a vibrant community working on new features and fixes. Join the community on Discourse & Slack, and take control of your studio. We'd love to hear from you, even if you're non-technical let us know if your station is running Libretime!